Work with something now to find relief.

Are you newly diagnosed with migraines? Or are you feeling hopeless after years of struggling and suffering?

I have been both.

But the good news is: there is a light at the end of the tunnel! While it’s true that you can’t cure migraines, you can learn to manage them.

It took me more than 20 long, stressful years to learn how to do just that (14 of which were without any pain relief whatsoever). So I’ve developed this course to help you reach a happier, healthier state of mind and wellbeing - in just a tiny fraction of that time.

Prevent needless suffering via education and evidence based information.

This course is designed to give you clarity, confidence, knowledge and control over your migraine attacks.

You’ll learn how you can really live your life, rather than just “survive between migraines”. You’ll discover just how capable you are of achieving your goals - leaving desperation, confusion, fear, anxiety and despair way behind.

By taking this course...

You will learn

Step by step

- Exactly how to create a watertight pain management strategy, specific to your needs.

- How to get the right details right from the start from doctors and specialists, and how to get the most from your doctor's appointments.

- New coping skills to deal with overwhelming emotions and setbacks.

When you're done, you'll have equipped yourself with all the tools and techniques you need to manage this chronic condition.

You can stop guessing, and panicking, you'll know what to do ahead of time to get your best chance at getting the most relief.
Holly Hazen, Your Teacher

And You'll

Have a step by step formula to get the most relief possible

  • Develop effective treatment techniques to help stop the next migraine attack.

  • Understand how to manage pain and symptoms so they don’t take over your life.

  • Find a starting point to access the right doctors, therapists and specialists.

  • Arm yourself with all the information you need so you know what to do when things don't work. PLAN B!

  • Lower anxiety, and shift the darkness of hopelessness to the light of hope and balance.

  • Increase your coping skills - take back control!

Course Overview

There are 5 modules, each of which is broken down into a number of individual lessons:

Module 1: Demystifying Migraines

Understanding the basics of what migraines are and learning about the 4 phases of migraine so you can treat them effectively. And stop them!

Module 2: Immediate Self Treatment

In module 2, we look at exploring your support options. 

Choose from a menu of self treatments you can implement right away to help prevent future attacks. There is one method proven to prevent an acute attack from becoming a full fledged assault. Get emotional support learning ways to manage stress, depression and anxiety. And you can even choose an 8 week food experiment to include new things that support and prevent migraines. Moving you a few steps closer to optimum health.

Module 3: Working with Professionals

Creating a healthcare team that covers all your needs is possible with some key strategies. With a step-by-step organized plan, you'll learn how to get the most from your doctor's appointments and perfect your medical relationships.

Module 4: How To Make Your Most Effective Pain Management Strategy

Module 4 covers, what I think is the most important part of surviving chronic migraines and that's developing your most effective pain management strategy.

All of the modules include activities to help you get organized and achieve the best results in the shortest time possible. Don’t just "put up with the pain" or "wait it out" any longer - take action now!

Module 5: Dealing with Setbacks

What to do when things don't work. Failed treatments can take their toll, this module will help you equip yourself with resilience tools (strength, courage, patience, perseverance and meditation) and provide some ways to deal with relationships when your pain becomes a problem.


Sandra Lewis

“What stood out for me was how much better I felt after I went through the course. I picked what I wanted at first, but then I wanted to make sure I got it all down. But Holly made it all easy, step-by-step. Even my doctor was impressed and probabl...”

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“What stood out for me was how much better I felt after I went through the course. I picked what I wanted at first, but then I wanted to make sure I got it all down. But Holly made it all easy, step-by-step. Even my doctor was impressed and probably happy I got the details so he could stop having to phone me in emergencies. ”

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Charlotte Benjamin

“This course is brilliant - so much practical advice that's easy to put into practice, and it's obvious that Holly really cares about making sure all bases are covered for us! There are so many really helpful worksheets and activity books which mak...”

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“This course is brilliant - so much practical advice that's easy to put into practice, and it's obvious that Holly really cares about making sure all bases are covered for us! There are so many really helpful worksheets and activity books which make it easy to start implementing the advice. And steps for forming a pain management plan in a really structured way that really give you a much needed sense of control. I’ve now got a renewed sense of determination, but better than that - HOPE for the future. Thank you, Holly!”

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Meet Holly

Instructor Bio:

Do you ever dream of being migraine free?

Not so long ago I spent 20 days each month in debilitating migraine pain. I can’t say that I’ve cracked the migraine code (there’s no secret formula), but I definitely have some tips and hacks that you should know about to get your best chance at stopping your debilitating pain and symptoms.

After decades of studying, research, trial and error, I’ve learned how to give myself my best chance at reducing pain and symptoms. I want to help you do the same, so you too can get back to your life as fast as possible.

Holly Hazen

The Migraine Coach

Holly Hazen

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Start Here

    Show Content
    • Welcome!
    • Course Instructions
    • How To Navigate Your Way Through This Course
    • The Right Diagnosis
  • 02

    Resource Tools & Workbooks

    Show Content
    • Your Activity Workbook (Printable)
    • Your Activity Workbook (Fillable Online)
    • Monthly Migraine Diary Worksheet
    • Daily Migraine Diary Workbook
    • Medication Tracking Worksheet
    • Doctor's Appointment Organizer
    • Pain Scale
  • 03

    Migraine Pain Management Course Overview

    Show Content
    • Course Outline
    • Disclaimers and Copyright Notice
    • Course Disclaimer
  • 04

    Workshop Bonus

    Show Content
    • Migraine Pain Management Workshop
    • Why You Feel Panic Before An Attack
  • 06

    Module 2 - Immediate Self Treatments

    Show Content
    • Module 2 Introduction & Recap
    • Lesson 1 - Treatment Options
    • Lesson 2 - Keeping a Diary
    • Lesson 2 - Activity - How to Track Your Migraines
    • Lesson 3 - Self Care Activities. What Exercise Is Best For You?
    • Lesson 3 - Activity - How to Stop an Attack Using Ice and Heat
    • Lesson 4 - Foods, Supplements & Remedies You Might Not Have Heard Of
    • Lesson 4 - Activity - Your 8 Week Food & Supplement Testing Journal
    • Lesson 5 - Managing Stress
    • Lesson 5 - Activity - Your 8 Week Stress Management Journal
    • Lesson 6 - Ways To Reduce Anxiety & Panic: With Journaling & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
    • Lesson 6 - Activity - Structured Journaling
    • Lesson 6 - Let's Walk Through The Journaling Process Together
    • Lesson 6 - Activity - Reduce Anxiety With CBT
    • Lesson 6 - How To Use The CBT Worksheet To Help Ease Your Anxiety
    • Lesson 7 - Coping with Depression
    • Lesson 7 - A Short Talk on Depression (16 mins)
    • Lesson 7 - Meditation - How To Imagine A Migraine Free Life
    • What Treatments Are You Using? What Worked?
  • 07

    Module 3 - Working with Professionals

    Show Content
    • Module 3 Introduction & Recap
    • Lesson 1 - Finding an Effective Health Care Team
    • Lesson 2 - Perfecting Your Doctor Relationship
    • ​Lesson 3 - Being Prepared for An Emergency
    • Quiz
  • 08

    Module 4 - How To Make Your Most Effective Pain Management Strategy

    Show Content
    • Module 4 Introduction & Recap
    • Easy Steps to Creating Your Best Migraine Pain Management Strategy
    • Lesson 1 - Identifying and Tracking Your Symptoms
    • Lesson 2 - Developing Your Best Pain Management Strategy
    • Medications: Why They Don't Work Sometimes and The NEW Ones Available
    • Step 1 - Read Through This List of Migraine Medications
    • Step 2 - Choose Your Short List of Medications
    • Step 3 - Pick a Medication Treatment Plan - Plan 1
    • Step 3 - Treatment Plan 2
    • Step 3 - Treatment Plan 3
    • Step 3 - Treatment Plan 4 - The American Headache Society Migraine Action Plan (MAP)
    • What Plan Did You Pick?
  • 09

    Module 5 - Dealing With Setbacks

    Show Content
    • Module 5 Introduction & Recap
    • Lesson 1 - Dealing with Setbacks
    • Lesson 2 - Relationship Tips – When Your Pain Is The Problem
    • Lesson 3 - How To Build Your Own Resilience Tools and Resources
    • Acupressure Points to Stop Pre-Migraine Nausea
    • Guided Meditation - Watch Pain & Symptoms Floating Away (34 mins)
  • 10

    Further Resources

    Show Content
    • How to Create Your Migraine Action Plan - MAP
    • Tools You Can Use During An Acute Attack
    • Stage of Migraine Drugs - Printable Table
    • New Treatment Ideas Record
  • 11

    Bonus Materials

    Show Content
    • Stay Connected With Me
    • How I Prevent Migraines
    • Getting The Most Common Acupuncture Point Right - LI4 (Large Intestine 4) With DIY Acupressure
    • The Financial Impacts of Chronic Migraines
    • Non-Alcoholic Drink Ideas for a Migraine Free Christmas (or anytime)
    • Ten Spiritual Tips For A Better Life
    • Guided Meditation For A Better Night's Sleep (21 mins)
    • Guided Energy Healing Meditation For Vibrant Good Health (30 mins)
  • 12


    Show Content
    • Course Feedback Survey

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Your step-by-step pain management strategy and self-help options to calm emotional chaos are only a few clicks away.
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Course FAQs

  • How long is the Migraine Pain Management Course?

    As short or as long as you make it - you work at your own pace. There are 5 modules with 2 - 7 lessons each, so if you choose to take 1 lesson a week, the full course will last about 12 weeks. It depends on what you choose from module 2.

  • How long is each lesson?

    For optimal learning, each lesson should take approximately 20 minutes to read and digest. There will be a few exercises / activities in each lesson to reinforce the learning.

  • How long will the exercises / activities take?

    It’s up to you! Finding effective migraine pain relief and management techniques needs experimentation to get the right fit for you. There’s also some trial and error involved - but there’s no rush, so you can take as long as you need to experiment and find what works for you.

    There's an 8 week food experiment journal and an 8 week stress management journal with a step-by-step process to move you towards getting the most relief possible.

  • What additional resources does the course include?

    You’ll receive printouts (e.g. a symptom tracker, a medication tracker, a migraine diary, forms to take to your doctor’s appointment - to name but a few!). These are distributed throughout the lessons in the course. Some lessons also include additional reading and resource links.

  • What are your qualifications?

    Well, for starters, I’ve been dealing with my own severe and disabling migraines for over 25 years! I’m also a qualified counselor and psychotherapist (MCAP), the author of and the award winning book Migraine Management. For over 20 years I've helped clients navigate through the emotional migraine minefield. Inside the course I share with you all the facts I wished I’d known about migraines when I was first diagnosed… it would have saved me a whole heap of heartache!

  • Will my migraines go away if I take this course?

    I’m afraid the simple answer is: no. There is currently no cure for migraines. But - this course will teach you how to change the way you think about, manage and cope with this chronic condition. I do also remain hopeful of a cure one day - there are new medications (CGRP drugs) and new treatment trials that can be explored.

  • Do I need to buy any special / additional equipment or materials for this course?

    No. Everything you need to create a strategy for managing migraines is included within the course. But you might want to experiment with some of my suggestions, which can cost money (e.g. Botox, the Cefaly device, essential oils, ice packs etc.). After taking the course you may like to consider buying my ebook or other courses - but that’s not a requirement for the course.

  • What if I don’t understand something in the course - can you help me?

    Yes! Please feel free to email me directly and I’ll answer any queries.

  • Can I get my money back if the course doesn’t help me?

    If you are not satisfied for any reason I will gladly issue a refund within the first thirty days of purchasing the course. No questions asked. Well, I might ask some just to see if I can help you out!

P.S. This is a simple step-by-step program.

No more overwhelm. 

No more wasted money, time, or effort.


Bonus material

But wait! There's more...

  • Bonus #1

    Guided Meditations

  • Bonus #2

    Direct Email Access to Me

  • Bonus #3

    Additional Tips

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